eye/ear candy

Researching (well, I started off researching, which quickly descended to google imaging hot rockstars), I came across this quote from The Guardian about one of my faaaavourite frontmen of all time, the incomparable Josh Homme:

'To be in a room with Josh Homme is to feel like a dog talking to a horse. A really intense horse. He's that much bigger, that much wilder, and with, you suspect, that much larger an appetite for hay. Homme, now 39, still 6'5", inked and stacked, is so infused with rock machismo that he emasculates his surroundings by proxy. You. The chair. Everything you say. Even the giant pot of coffee he's necking turns into something a squirrel might have had in Sylvanian Families. Yet he looks as if he's about to cry.' David Whitehouse

Amen, David. read the rest of his interview here.

j xx

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