Hens Day Wednesday (say it out loud)

One sunny Wednesday in March saw me travel to Auckland to celebrate the upcoming marriage of my lovely friend tama. The brief: a non-trashy, nothing stupid, absolutely no strippers, super fun day for our lovely friends to enjoy. I'm lucky that in that circle of friends we count some amazingly talented and creative people, and looking at the photos (taken by Laura Morris, Napier's best amateur photographer) make me soooo happy. I think we did a wonderful job, and I think the beautiful bride thought so too.


baby cuddles all round from a special guest

the darragh girls in their flower garlands. after picnic and pimms we had a raucous dinner in the private room of Ponsonby's Sunday Painters.

craft hour

v. proud of my floral headpiece, I think I might have missed my calling. I'm wearing a dress by New Zealand designer Ingrid Starnes - I'd been saving it for a special occasion, it could not have been more perfect for a leisurely picnic in the sun.

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