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The Spinoff x The Good Trend - Five Ethical New Zealand Manufacturers

The Spinoff x The Good Trend - Five Ethical New Zealand Manufacturers


There's been a lot of talk lately regarding ethics (and lack thereof) in our fashion industry. Claims are made, confusion is created, and the already muddy waters of trying to vote for the world you desire with your shopping dollar become even harder to navigate.

We were thrilled to be included in The Spinoff's recent piece written by our friends at The Good Trend, highlighting five emerging designers working in a space of purpose and care - our numbers aren't huge (yet) but our hearts are! Go and check it out if you need some inspiration for your next purchase.


Time to come clean.


I have mixed feelings about comparing businesses to others. None of us are perfect, none of us claim to be, and we certainly all stumble on our journeys towards creating pieces which do as little harm as we can manage. WORLD's recently publicized trip into PR hell (if you haven't heard, you can read all about it here) has been a boon to businesses like mine: suddenly, the talk starts revolving around small companies who can trace their production without fault or fear of mistake, and who have the luxury of only having to keep track of thirteen production lines at a time, rather than three hundred.

When you email Aida Maeby, that's me who answers. I know where everything I sell is made, because I drive the work there myself. I cut all of it, I sew part of it here in our workroom. I am the one who stands with the sewing contractor and negotiates pricing that is both fair and sustainable for both parties. I am also the one who knows there is no perfect, there is only trying to be better - because if you are willing to pay me for my product, my commitment to you means I need to do the best I can (if I want to sleep at night. Which I do.).

Personally, I would much rather we had these conversations in a way that doesn't bounce off the failings of others. My success shouldn't depend on someone else's failure. That being said, these conversations need to be had in order to turn this hulking, pollution-ridden fast fashion nightmare around. If the only way we can shine a spotlight on the people who are trying their damnedest to do right by everyone is by creating a buzz around those who could (and should) be doing better, then I'll stand in that spotlight with head held high.

Here's to asking questions and getting answers.


J xx


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Bridal bliss in Queenstown

I've waited so long to share this!

A while ago, my sweet little white Olafur Dress was whisked away on a trip to the Romantic Scenery Capital of New Zealand - Queenstown - to be part of a styled shoot. The premise - One bride. Two radically different dresses. All fabulousness.

The full article is now up on Paper & Lace's divine wedding inspiration blog, along with the full shoot (you can read it here). I'm in love with the minimalist chic of a simple white dress and updo for a laid back and unique wedding approach, but because I'm a deep down lover of sparkles/sequins/all of the glitter, I'm equally entranced by the full-on romanticism of the gown provided by Rue de Seine. What do you think? Would you entertain the idea of a modernistic approach to your big day? If yes, we should talk. x





All images copyright Patina Photography and/or Johanna Macdonald Photography.

Photography / James and Michelle, Patina Photography and Johanna Macdonald Photography.
Jewelery / Zoe and Morgan 
Flowers / Andrea Crawford Flowers
Hair / Beautiful Bridal Hair 
Makeup / EVE Makeup Artistry
Model / Mackenzie for Unique Model Management


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