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New season, new brand, new friends xx

On a crisp Tuesday evening, we welcomed friends and family of Summers to join us in celebrating our first range under our brand spanking new label. ‘In Clover’ champions linen in fresh and vibrant colours and elegant simplicity coupled with the quiet design quirks you’ve come to know and love. Sunday Night Club provided the perfect gallery backdrop for a night of try-ons and merrymaking.
Much cheese was enjoyed (because a party without cheese isn’t a party, frankly), and we owe a big thanks to our drinks sponsors for the night - the good people at Dancing Sands Distillery (boutique liquors, Takaka/Wellington) and Karma Cola (Fairtrade beverages, Wellington) for keeping us hydrated. All images by Karolina Stus
Vegan deadstock and reclaimed materials bags by Velvet Heartbeat
In Clover, in stores and online now
J xx
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