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behind the scenes - 'hyperballad' lookbook shoot with Patina

behind the scenes - 'hyperballad' lookbook shoot with Patina

My favourite song - Bjork's 'Hyperballad' - turned 20 years old last year!! I know. It's nuts. A brief listen now will show that it's just as magnificent as the day it was recorded, I'm sure you'll agree. Such a milestone, it felt right to pay tribute to such an inspirational piece.

The song tells the story of a woman who wakes early each morning and deliberately puts herself in harms way in order to make herself more comfortable living her quiet, ordinary life with her lover. I loved the visual imagery of waking at dawn, wrapping up against the chill in warm woollens and a favourite quilt. The music video, directed by Michele Gondry, is a masterpiece in itself - full of experimental double exposures, LED lighting and Bjork herself lying in a three dimensional projection of a mountain range.

It was the physical acts described in the song itself I love the most though; a blanket wrapped around the shoulders becomes a luxurious quilted cape jersey, a mans shirt discarded on the floor becomes a flowing shirt dress in white and the delicate blush of the dawn sky, the raincoat features a softly lined hood and oversized pockets for the wearer to collect the items she'll throw over the edge during her ritual (or your iphone. But don't throw that).

As always it was a fun day with my friends, many laughs, lots of cake and earl grey tea and a cute kitty - what more could we ask for?


j x

photgraphy _ michelle and james for patina photography

hmus _ ivy mae

model _ bridie for KBM

featuring simonne the cat

shot in berhampore, wellington and houghton bay, wellington

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